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Who I am:
I'm the Chief Technology Officer at a wonderful company called Bringhub, with over a decade of professional experience in various software stacks. I pride myself on delivering innovative and robust solutions, while retaining concise maintainable code. My experience branches many business domains, from trading systems and mortgage processing, to business intelligence and e-commerce.

A little more about me

"If I have to do the same thing twice, I'm doing something wrong"

John Adams

I've spent the last 10 years working in a variety of businesses. Cutting my teeth on the development of trading applications was a great way to start, as I was quickly exposed to applying complex business logic to transactional systems. During my time at Raymond James, I was exposed to developers that would become my mentors, as well as developers that were great examples of what not to become. After realizing that growth in a large corporation would be slow, I decided to become a consultant in order to increase my exposure to various technologies and methodologies.

As a consultant I spent some time working on converting legacy systems, written in an archaic language (FoxPro), into web applications. It was evident that these applications had grown out of necessity, without any real thought behind architecture. This is when my passion for architecture was sparked, and it's stayed with me since.

After consulting for a few years in various industries ranging from marketing to business intelligence, I eventually found a small data managment company to call home. After serving my time as the resident Software Architect, I've finally settled into a position as the Director of Engineering, where I'm able to apply my years of experience to help my Engineering team create scalable, modular, maintainable SaaS platforms.

John Adams == code monkey

Yup, that's me, the hairy guy

I'm passionate about what I do, and it's evident in my work. I am extremely grateful to be in an industry that encourages both professional growth and personal development.

My experience

  • CTO (Bringhub)

    8/2016 - Present

    Becoming the CTO of Bringhub has offered me a lot of opportunity to set the technical direction of the company. Having been built on antiquated tech, we decided to expand our companies adoption of contemporary technology by converting fully to a Go based shop. Rewriting all of our services in a composable and scalable manner has allowed us to not only scale with incredible efficiency, but has also cut our costs by over 50%. Working with my bi-coastal team of developers has shown me that distance in a team is far from an inefficiency, but a huge benefit so long as you communicate :).

    Technologies used: Golang, MithrilJS, Redux, Elasticsearch, Mongo, Docker, Redis, AWS. Clients include: A list of publishers and retailers that is way too long to type out.
  • Chief Architect (Bringhub)

    4/2015 - 8/2016

    After contributing to the pre-seed proof of concept, I got the opportunity to not only join Bringhub, but to build out my own team here in sunny St. Petersburg, FL. Since joining up with Bringhub, my team has produced multiple products for Bringhub, from the SmartCart, to the SmartAd and Marketplace. Currently we're working on some pretty amazing projects with some pretty amazing partners.

    Technologies used: Golang, Angular, Mongo, Redis, AWS. Clients include: A list of publishers and retailers that is way too long to type out.
  • Director of Engineering (PowerChord Inc)

    2/2014 - 4/2015

    Yes, I ended up back at PowerChord, though this time in a slightly different role. After consulting on a relatively large release, I was offered the position of Director of Engineering at PowerChord. This has been a great change, as it's enabled me to focus on creating a product-centric team with our new CTO Peter Quintas (formerly of Nomi). I was able to play with all the cool technologies, and successfully migrated my team away from the .Net stack. The new stack (fondly referred to as GAMA), consisted of golang, angular, mongo, and aws. This stack was proven to be a lot more fun and performant to develop in, and I thoroughly enjoyed working in it.

    Technologies used: Golang, Angular, Mongo, AWS, NancyFX, .Net Clients include: STIHL USA, STIHL Global, Ariens & Gravely, ClubCar, PowerChord Services ;)
  • Independent Consultant

    8/2013 - Present (Part time now)

    After deciding to take a break from PowerChord, and flex my muscles elsewhere, I spent a few months working with some friends on various pet projects. During this time I was introduced to some amazing technologies, equally amazing projects, and some unbelievably amazing people.
    At first I spent some time with Fenario Group, serving as their Director of Engineering on a couple of product jobs. There we leveraged Windows Azure to create a solution to enable a client with a rather large application stack to offer their product as a SaaS solution. We also were responsible for creating a quick and easy time management application (then we discovered Harvest, lol).
    I then had the opportunity to work with a great company called 64 labs. There I worked with their development team to create a mobilized version of Skullcandy, as well as Tractor supply company. In order to do this quickly and efficiently, all while having absolutely no access to their source, we leveraged Moovweb's awesome platform. This was my first introduction to what would eventually become my favorite language (golang).
    I've kept on a couple of clients, mainly C1Bank and Bringhub. I try to keep things casual, but can't help getting excited about what both companies are doing in the product development world.

    Technologies used: HTML5, EF 5, Angular,, Azure, PowerShell, NancyFX, golang Clients include: Fenario Group, 64labs (Skullcandy, Tractor Supply Company), C1Bank, PowerChord, Bringhub
  • Sr. Software Architect / Head of R&D (PowerChord Inc)

    4/2012 - 8/2013

    As Sr. Software Architect, my responsibilities include overseeing and directing the architecture of the company's various product lines. My role in research & development includes the creation of a digital signage platform, administered from an MVC/HTML5 web portal, and distributed to a network of computer-attached displays. Other projects include the creation of a mobile Business Intelligence web application, targeting iOS and Android devices, as well as working heavily with Google Analytics to implement custom KPIs and remarketing campaigns.

    Technologies used: HTML5, EF 5, jQuery, JSON, MVC3, MVC4, Web API, PowerShell, Windows Installer XML, LINQ Clients include: STIHL USA, Club Car, STIHL Norden, Ariens & Gravely
  • Technical Lead (Serve, an American Express Company)

    2/2012 - 4/2012

    Responsibilities included managing onshore and offshore resources in order to consolidate four divergent code lines into a unified, unit-testable payments platform. Worked with remote teams and management to consolidate services as well as web applications. Utilized Microsoft's Unity to allow for easy decoupling of service and application tiers.

    Technologies used: MVC3, Unity, jQuery, HTML5, JSON, WCF, LINQ Client include: Zynga, Verizon Wireless, GameCoins
  • Lead Sr. Application Architect (PowerChord Inc)

    7/2010 - 2/2012

    E-commerce framework development utilizing an entity based localization framework, integrated http modules for device detection, as well as bootstrapping requests and injecting dependencies. Framework was used to build SaaS solutions for multiple international clients.

    Technologies used: ASP.Net, MVC3, jQuery, HTML5, LINQ, PLINQO, JSON, T4, LINQ Clients include: Ariens & Gravely, STIHL Norden
  • Sr. Web Developer (Triad Digital Media)

    3/2010 - 7/2010

    Served as the lead Sr. Web Developer on the new client team. Developed marketing oriented sites for Dell, Walmart, and CVS. Developed a custom web-scraping platform to better integrate with the marketing teams from various clients. All applications were high traffic and public facing and required cross domain solutions to allow for shopping cart sharing.

    Technologies used: ASP.Net, jQuery, SQL 2008, CouchDB, LINQ Client include: Dell, CVS, Beauty360, Walmart
  • Lead Sr. Software Developer (Travelport BI / Shepherd Systems)

    12/2008 - 3/2010

    Lead developer on airline business intelligence platform. Primary responsibilities included creating an administrative and reporting application, dealing with extremely high volumes of data to perform real time analysis of market, sales, and revenue data.

    Technologies used: ASP.Net, jQuery, Telerik, XML, Oracle, JSON, LINQ Clients include: Etihad Airways
  • Software Developer (Univeral American Mortgage Company)

    4/2008 - 12/2008

    Served as one of two web developers tasked with converting legacy FoxPro applications to a web platform. Utilized jQuery UI, a custom Model-View-Adapter implementation, and SQL Server 2005 to create a rapid application development framework. Service tier was able to target WPF, ASP.Net, HTML, and Silverlight clients. Separation of concerns was implemented using PostSharp & Ninject.

    Technologies used: ASP.Net, jQuery, Silverlight, WPF, PostSharp, Ninject, SQL Server, LINQ
  • Software Engineer I (Raymond James)

    5/2005 - 4/2008

    Worked on two teams: Financial & Regulatory Systems (FARS) and Trading Systems. While on FARS, I served as a hybrid Business Analyst/Developer. I was responsible for maintaining a Funds Disbursements system written in Classic ASP, as well as being the lead Crystal Reports developer/admin. On the Trading Systems team, I was tasked with developing and maintaining custom trading platforms for both Fixed Income and the trade desk.

    Technologies used: VB6, ASP, C#, ASP.Net, Crystal Reports, SSIS, SQL Server, DTS, ActiveX, Ajax, Javascript

What I'm good at

  • Technologies

  • Go
  • AngularJS
  • C#
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Tritium
  • Business Disciplines

  • Technical Leadership
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Release Management
  • Continuous Integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Technical Disciplines

  • SaaS Architecture
  • Design Patterns
  • Inversion of Control
  • Internationalization